"Learn Aging In Place Techniques Now To Be Of Much Greater Service"

There have been several recent articles in various places about the state of real estate in this country and how some believe that the current level of activity is unsustainable. Many of us remember the issues we faced just a few years ago. To that end, there is a fantastic way to prepare for the future - beginning right now - and provide a service to clients that so few real estate professionals are prepared to offer.

Begin where we are, and then keep an eye focused on the future. This means that we can serve people today and help them prepare for their future needs in ways that most real estate professionals don't understand or don't take into consideration. We can make the difference.

I'm specifically talking about aging in place - either as specific applications in a home to accommodate the people living there or about to move into it, or as universal design to allow the broadest access and use by the most number of people using that home whether occupants, visitors, or guests.

Many real estate sales professionals already have availed themselves of the "CAPS" (Certified Aging In Place Specialist training and designation program); however, most have not. There  are many reasons why any real estate professional might want to take the two- or three-day program (a GRI is exempt from the third day):

  • It provides a set of designation initials to use that are well-known by many consumers (after all, the national homebuilders (NAHB), AARP, the national occupational and physical therapy associations (AOTA and APTA), and the architects association (AIA) all promote this training for their members);
  • It provides the ability to understand how someone's needs might not be completely met by a home they are considering but could be with just some minor modifications to accommodate special needs, physical conditions (of the home of the occupants), or those of a parent or someone else who might be visiting or eventually living there also;
  • It's a time-saver because strategic relationships can be developed to help serve home-shoppers with much less time and effort than continuing to show properties long after a reasonable solution has been identified;
  • It showcases new products and solutions for helping people to live well and safely in their homes (for either new construction or existing homes - owners or renters);
  • It provides a way of being different since so few real estate professionals have this training and expertise; and
  • It identifies ways that any desired or necessary improvements can be financed or paid for at the time of purchase or soon afterward.

To receive the three-day "CAPS" training and the companion two-day Universal Design/Build class there are several opportunities. There are classes in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the St. Louis, Missouri area, in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, in the Pittsfield, Massachusetts areas, in the North Canton, Ohio area, and in Morgantown, West Virginia, and several other areas.

The CAPS classes are $300 each ($275 for NAHB members) and the Universal Design/Build is $550 total ($500 for NAHB members).

For a complete schedule of dates, times, and locations, and downloadable flyer for the various classes, visit https://www.stevehoffacker.com/caps-schedule.


Steve HoffackerCAPS, CEAC, SHSS, is a licensed Certified Aging In Place Specialist - Master Instructor and best-selling author of aging in place books. To learn about this and other programs for aging in place or universal design, visit stevehoffacker.com or call 561-685-5555. Also, check out the "Aging & Accessibility" groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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