Rhode Island Has The Right Idea

This week Rhode Island terminated the services of 2,000 public school teachers. Fired? Not necessarily. Not coming back? Not necessarily.

Actually this was a brilliant move. By law, they have to notify teachers so many days before the termination of their contract if they are not going to be renewed. The state said by terminating all of them it would give them more options. I agree.

Teachers who were marginal about continuing their careers in Rhode Island - or at the same school, subject, or grade - have now been nudged into making a change. Those who were wanting to get out anyway can do so easily. Those who know that they are good can negotiate for an even better position or terms. Those who want to enter the market and compete for a position - including frssh graduates from college - can do so.

Rhode Island has essentially issued a casting call for teachers for the fall. Existing teachers can apply with no guarantees. New applicants can compete.

Talk about a way to get the best in the market. It's also a great way for the state to evaluate their staffing plan and allocation of professional resources.

Well done Rhode Island. Just don't issue a blanket renewal to all the teachers you are laying off.




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Rhode Island Has The Right Idea
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