New Lead Generation Book

I have completed the other book that I mentioned on Tuesday, and I am now accepting pre-orders for it also.

This book "Filling Your Funnel: Building Your Business By Reaching Out To Strangers,"is the companion to the book I told you about on Tuesday ("Mining Your Database: Making More Sales Through People You Already Know"). Both are lead generation handbooks for anyone besides Realtors and new home salespeople who want to gain a competitive edge and produce their own sales leads.

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What better way to kick off 2012 than by seizing control of your sales business and begin talking to people that you see everyday but don't customarily speak to or engage in conversation? These strangers or people known to you only because you see them frequently can mean a huge difference in your business. Meet them, learn about their needs, and develop the relationship.

Some of these people will want to learn more about what you offer, some won't. Some will buy from you, some will recommend their circle of contacts to you. This a virtually limitless pool of people at your disposal.

If you are in commercial real estate, selling membership opportunities for an association, a stager, a mortgage broker, a contractor, a remodeler, a web designer, a consultant, an attorney, a designer, or any other type of non-residential real estate salesperson or professional, this book is for you.

Find out what it takes to be a serious lead generator.

Use the scenarios, scripts, and templates for meeting total strangers - for talking with them in person or calling them on the phone. Send them letters of introduction. Eventually meet them for coffee.

Learn how to do what your competitors aren't willing to do or don't know how to do.



For more information on my coaching and educational programs and services, visit my website or go to my other blog "Steve Hoffacker's Home Sales Insights" for additional sales tips, insights, and commentary. © Steve Hoffacker.

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New Lead Generation Book
I have completed the other book that I mentioned on Tuesday, and I am now accepting pre-orders for it also. This book "Filling Your Funnel: Building Your Business By Reaching Out To Strangers, "is the companion to the book I told you about… more
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I have completed another book and am now accepting pre-orders for it. The book "Mining Your Database: Making More Sales Through People You Already Know " is a lead generation handbook for anyone besides Realtors and new home salespeople… more
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