The absolute, surefire, guaranteed way to get people to comment on your blog

Getting comments on your Active Rain post is something that many people struggle with. Let's stand back for just a minute and look at the bigger picture.

Why do we want comments - lots of comments - on our posts? Ego? Bragging rights? Competition with associates or friends to see who can get the most? Personal record? Some way to measure impact or value of a particular post?

How about this? Why not create a post that will connect with people - while allowing you to voice your opinion, reaction, response, or take on a particular event, situation, or observation? If we write for our audience as much or even more than we right for ourselves, we stand a much better chance of connecting. That yields comments because people like to share in what you've written.

The primary way to get comments on your post it to have people read it. I prefer short posts. This one is uncharacteristically long for me, but I have a lot to say and I apologize for the length.

There are certain posts - in my estimation - that almost never get comments and won't. These are postings about listings, local history, statistics, or classes. It doesn''t mean you shouldn't post them - just don't expect comments or be disappointed that you don't get any.

Humorous posts, informative ones, or an occasional "did you know?" will get their share of comments. Local stories, events, and pictures seem to get responses based on how well the post is structured. If it's entertaining and holds the reader's interest, comments will happen. If it's just a post about a carnival happening at your child's school, there's not much that can be added except a "good luck" or mention of a similar experience.

Also be careful of citing milestones. There are certain ones that people like to rejoice in, and generally the readership will heap comments on you for that.  Also, we all have anniversaries and birthdays, so constantly reading about these would get tedious to me.

A couple of other things in closing. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and personal tragedies or conditions will generally let us share our empathy with you. Those are good posts - especially for getting comments and a dialog going. Pleasant times are nice, too. I remember (and I wasn't the only one who felt this way) over the 4th of July weekend this year how nice everyone seemed to be in their posts and comments.

And I know this has been said many, many times by others - if you want more comments (1) leave comments for others on their blogs, and (2) acknowledge their comments on your post (not in an email to them but right there on the post).


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Getting comments on your ActiveRain post is something that many people struggle with. Let's stand back for just a minute and look at the bigger picture. Why do we want comments - lots of comments - on our posts? Ego? Bragging rights? Competition… more
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